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Mrs. Hartwig's Expectations:


All of us at AHS very simply expect each student to conduct him/herself with integrity, showing respect and character in every part of life and every part of school. Integrity is expected of you, and I hope you expect it from me. As your teacher, I will strive to teach each student with the utmost of integrity and respect. Please know you can come to me with any questions or concerns at any time. My email is, and my phone number is 243-3194.

Absences & Late Work Policy:
If you are not in class, you are missing the opportunity to learn, so you must be in class - plain and simple. Each student gets three (3) points per day for regular, expected class participation, approximately equal to one class assignment. These should be your easiest points ever. Since attending class and doing the expected work is your job, your participation points can be viewed as “payment.” In a job situation, when an employee doesn’t come to work, doesn’t do his job, or performs poorly, he doesn’t get paid. Likewise, your points will be deducted from your daily participation grade for absences, misbehavior, and incomplete assignments. I’m counting on each student to do his or her job so I can pay out full participation points each week.

Occasionally, of course, absences do occur. When they do, please try to request assignments ahead of time. Life really is a lot simpler when you plan ahead. When you can't, however, please check your ENG ILA or ENG 2R page on this wiki site located on our school Website.This will always have our daily schedule and assignments posted on it. Assignments or tests missed during an excused absence will be given a three-class-day extension.

Each student must recognize that the skills and effort put forth on assignments will determine the grade he or she EARNS. Therefore, unexcused late assignments will be accepted only at a lower grade, with the grade being reduced by 10% for each day late.


Test Taking Strategies:

View the PowerPoint below for wise test-taking strategies


Teachers do not GIVE GRADES for possessing CAPABILITY; students EARN GRADES by PROVING CAPABILITY!

Exercise your BRAIN every day!!

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